Achieving Danish citizenship

The applicant, now a Danish citizen, was born in 1944 in Iran, where he was imprisoned in 1984 and subjected to torture. Three years later, he escaped to Turkey with his wife and two children, where he was granted refugee status. In 1990, he and his family entered Denmark and obtained a permanent residence permit. […]

  • Decision: 19. January 2017
HUDOC 55607/09

Denial of Danish citizenship without reason

The applicant was born in Afghanistan. He came to Denmark as an unaccompanied minor at the age of 15, as he had lost contact with his family. The applicant has learnt danish, graduated high school, and is studying to become a civil engineer. The applicant applied for naturalisation in 2007, but was refused as he […]

  • Decision: 13. October 2016
HUDOC 64372/11

Biao Case

For the first time, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Denmark has discriminated. After a case that has lasted 13 years, HUDOC decided for the first time, that Denmark’s rules for family reunification discriminate against citizens not born in Denmark. Biao came to Denmark in 1993, but could not live in Denmark with […]

  • Decision: 24. May 2016
HUDOC 38590/10