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The purpose of this page is to provide you with information about the human rights situation in Denmark, specifically with regard to violations of the United Nations Human Rights Conventions and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The focus is thus on the work of the UN Committee on Human Rights, and the other UN Committees on Torture, Women, and Children, etc. with regard to individual cases from Denmark. 

Please note that all the Committees have found Denmark in violation of the internationally agreed human rights standards in one or more cases. Most cases relate to the principle of Non-Refoulement and on this page you find the first decision by the Committee on the Rights of Women with regard to a violation of this principle (CEDAW 53/2013). Also the Committee on the Rights of the Child in its first decision found Denmark in violation of the principle of Non refoulement (CRC 3/2016). Similar violations are found in many cases from the Human Rights Committee and the Torture Committee. You may also find many cases on racial discrimination (CERD) and issues like citizenship (European Court of Human Rights) and other human rights issues on this page.

Additionally, note that many cases were discontinued because after an international petition was launched, the case was reopened at a national level. For example the Syrian asylum seekers were rejected and complained before the war started. UN took on their cases and later they got asylum from the Danish authorities themselves and thus their cases were discontinued. The same happened to asylum seekers from Eritrea. Since the decision was positive at the national level, the Committee decided to stop the processing of the cases and therefore such cases, with the status of “discontinued”, are in fact won by the authors.                                                                                               

Please also consult the homepage of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, WWW.OHCHR.ORG and WWW.ECHR.COE.INT for further information. 

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