Domestic violence in Indian family

H.K., a national of India, is submitting the communication on behalf of her daughter, S.K., vs Denmark for denying by Denmark of their applications for asylum. H.K. claims that her daughter’s rights under articles 3 and 22 of the Convention would be violated if she and her daughter were to be deported to India. H.K. […]

  • Decision: 28 October 2022
CRC 99/2019

Escaping Forced Marriage case

Concerning Ms. V.B.S.K vs. Denmark violation of CEDAW articles 1, 2, 3, 12, 15, 16 and general comments No. 12 and 19. The author is a christian and in 2009 she met a Hindu man Mr. R. They wanted to have a relationship but they were both attacked by the author’s parents. The author’s parents […]

  • Decision: 2. August 2016
CEDAW 57/2013