Forced psychiatric interventions; deprivation of freedom based on psychosocial disability

S.M., a national of Denmark, v.Denmark on violation of articles 14, 15 and 16, read in conjunction with article 4, and articles 17 and 25, of the Convention. The author describes himself as a human rights activist who has been subjected to forced psychiatric interventions since 2011, as a result of which the author took […]

  • Decision: 4 Oktober 2023
CRPD 61/2019

Disabled man’s right to family reunification violated

The male author was receiving social benefits on the basis of his disability and he was not in a position to take up employment. Danish authorities rejected the author’s application for family reunification as they concluded that the male author had a reasonable prospect of satisfying the requirement of self-support, because of his possibility of […]

  • Decision: 31. August 2018
CRPD 39/2017