Biao Case

For the first time, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Denmark has discriminated. After a case that has lasted 13 years, HUDOC decided for the first time, that Denmark’s rules for family reunification discriminate against citizens not born in Denmark.

Biao came to Denmark in 1993, but could not live in Denmark with his Ghanaian wife and four children, because the rules for family reunification were tightened in 2002. Niels-Erik Hansen says “We now know that the rules that were made in 2002 are in violation of human rights,” to Elisabeth Astrup in Politiken (Danish article). Moreover, read the decision on HUDOC’s website, the press release, or find out more about the case, including citations, on Wikipedia (Danish).

15. November 2023

HUDOC 38590/10
  • Decision: 24. May 2016
  • Comm: HUDOC