Asylum denial to Afghan citizen 

The author S.S.S. applied for asylum in Denmark on grounds of risk of being recruited by Taliban regime to the military service and the risk of being considered by Taliban regime as a westernized spy. In 2022, the Danish Immigration Service refused Afghan citizen S.S.S. in an asylum status. This decision was uphold by the […]

Human Rights
CCPR 4344/2023

Deportation to Pakistan

The author A.A. v. Denmark in a violation of articles 6,7 of CCPR Convention and articles 18, 33 of the Refugee Convention. In 2022, the Danish Immigration Service refused Pakistani citizen A.A. in an asylum status. This decision was uphold by the Danish Refugee Board. The author applied for asylum on grounds of risk of […]

Human Rights
CCPR 4255/2022

Deportation of the victim of torture from Morocco

A.A.M. entered to Denmark in 2016 and applied for asylum. He had been detained and tortured by the Moroccan authorities, because of A.A.M.’s participation in peaceful demonstrations for the independence of Western Sahara.  The author was tortured (torn out nails and raped) and medical examination did not exclude this. The psychiatric examination showed that the […]

CAT 1068/2021

Deportation to Nigeria of victim of human trafficking 

The author E.O. v. Denmark in a violation of articles 6,7 of CCPR Convention. In 2015, the author came to Denmark as a victim of human trafficking, without a valid travel document and submitted the application for the asylum. After having been closed the case several times due to the absence of the authour, and […]

Human Rights
CCPR 4302/2022

Asylum for Somali Children

The single mother (H.M.) is from Somalia and the applicants, the son (S) and the daughter (Sa) were born in Denmark in 2020 and in 2018 accordingly, are seeking asylum in Denmark.   H.M. appealed for the asylum in Denmark for (S) and for (Sa), who fear for their life in their home country Somalia. […]

CRC 169/2021

Deportation of Zimbabwe citizen

T.M.D.M. v. Denmark in a violation 2,3,12 of the Convention The author arrived legally to Denmark in 2017. When the visa expired, the author overstayed. In 2019 she was stopped by police and consequently the author requested the refugee status. The author was taken into custody for murders, rapists and other forms of serious crimes, […]

CEDAW 161/2020

Deportation of Somalian woman – B.S. v. Denmark in violation of art.2 CEDAW Convention 

The Danish Refugee Council supported the decision of the Danish Immigration Service on refusal of the residence permit to B.S. Thus, B.S. needed to leave Denmark or to be deported by force, despite the risk of gender-based persecution upon her return to Somalia. B.S. comes from the area, which is controlled by Al-Shabaab terrorist organization […]


Conflict with Al-Shabaab

Concerning A.M.J. vs. Denmark for violation of article 7 of the CCPR. Al-Shabaab sought out the author in 2009. Al-Shabaab’s visits became more and more threatening and frequent over time. One day, he received telephone threats where they accused him for killing Al-Shabaabs local leader. On the same evening, the author’s mother told him that […]

Human Rights
CCPR 3707/2020

Asylum case

Concerning A.M. vs. Denmark for violation of the CCPR. The author, A.M., was declined asylum by The Immigration Service and the Refugee Appeals Board. Thus, it was sent to the Human Rights Committee. On 19 October 2020, the Committee accepted the communication, and it is now registered as communication No. 3827/2020. Now the case is […]

Human Rights
CCPR 3827/2020

Suspected of being a spy

Concerning A.M.H. vs Denmark for violation of articles 6 and 7 of CCPR. The author is a Somali citizen, who in 2015 applied for asylum based on his conflict with al-Shabaab. Al-Shabaab tried recruiting him, and when he refused, he was imprisoned for a month before he escaped, and fled to Denmark. He fears being […]

Human Rights
CCPR 3711/2020

Deportation of Somalian citizen

F.M.A. v. Denmark in a violation art. 2,3,12 of the Convention The author originates from an area in Somalia under the control of the terrorist organization Al-Shabab. The author as a single woman fears rape/forced marriage and other forms of gender specific violence on return. F.M.A. has already suffered FGM in Somalia before fleeing and […]

CEDAW 147/2019

Clan engaged in a blood feud case

Concerning Mr. A.S.I vs Denmark for violation of articles 6 and 7 of CCPR. The author is a Somali citizen who fled his country due to persecution. The author lived with his wife, mother and siblings. His father was killed in 2008 as a result of clan-conflicts. The author belongs to the Awramaaleh-clan who are […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2408/2014

Somali with 2 families

Concerning Mr. A.H.F vs Denmark for violation of articles 2 and 3 of ECHR. The applicant is a citizen of Somalia from Misra, a town currently controlled by the Al-Shabaab movement. He is a former member of the Parliament. The applicant had to flee because the Al-shabaab wanted to kill him. He left Somalia and […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2816/2016

Tripartite Memorundum of understanding

Concerning Mr. A.F.N vs Denmark for the violation of Articles 7 and 13 of CCPR. The complainant applied for asylum in Denmark in May 2010. The complainant also converted to Christianity in Denmark. His application was rejected by the Refugee Board on 14 february 2012. After the final decision by the Refugee Board, the Danish […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2852/2016

Nuclear power station case

Concerning Ms. X.L vs Denmark for violation of articles 6,7 and 13 of CCPR. The complainant arrived in Denmark in May 2014 and her asylum application was taken under consideration by the end of May 2014. She claimed that she risks persecution because in the early 1980’s she was transferred to the Qinshan nuclear power […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2583/2015

Knowledge of drug trafficking case

Concerning Mr.B.A.G vs Denmark for violation of articles 6 and/or 7 and 13 of CCPR.  The author is an economist and educated at the Balkh University in Mazar-e-Sharif. Upon completing his studies, he found employment as an accounting manager in a company. He fled to Denmark because he had found that the company which employed […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2275/2013

Woman used as compensation case

Concerning Ms. K.I.A vs Denmark for violation of Articles 2d, 12 and 15 of CEDAW. The author fears getting killed by her family and Al-Shabaab if she returns to Somalia. The author has been under complete male dominance in her home country of Somalia. First her father used to control her and when he was […]

CEDAW 93/2015

Holy Christ Ministry case

Concerning Mr. G.M vs Denmark for violation of Articles 6, 7 and 13 of CCPR. The applicant is a Pakistani citizen and a Christian by faith. The applicant has been Christian all his life like the rest of his family. The applicant met an imam, Mr. A.D., in 2012, when he did missionary work. Mr. […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2342/2014

Hidden bible found

Concerning Mr. M.H.N vs Denmark for violation of articles 6, 7 and 14 of CCPR. The author came to Europe in 2008, but Germany returned him to Greece in 2009 under the Dublin accord. Since it was not possible to get protection in Greece, he returned to his country of origin, Afghanistan. When he returned […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2385/2014

Homosexuality Case

Concerning Mr. N.P vs Denmark for violation of article 7 of CCPR. The author was born in Kathmandu in Nepal, and he is Hindu. The author is an orphan and does not know whether his family is alive. He is a homosexual, and he fears imprisonment and torture/inhumane treatment on return to Nepal, as it […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2188/2012

Baadi and Hawaadle clans

Concerning Mr. M.A.A vs denmark violation of CAT article 3. The applicant is a somali national, born January 11 1985. He was part of the Baadi-clan, a minority clan in Somalia. A conflict erupted between his and the Hawaadle clan, who are closely related to al-Shabaab, due to some animals being stolen. The applicant was […]

CAT 2074/2011

Almighty God case

Concerning Mr. C.Y vs. Denmark violation of CAT article 3. The Chinese applicant belonged to a Christian organization named The Almighty God. The members met often and held church services. In 2007, the Chinese government labelled the organization as being against the communist party and against the government. The government started arresting the members, and […]

CAT 647/2014