Deportation to Nigeria of victim of human trafficking 

The author E.O. v. Denmark in a violation of articles 6,7 of CCPR Convention. In 2015, the author came to Denmark as a victim of human trafficking, without a valid travel document and submitted the application for the asylum. After having been closed the case several times due to the absence of the authour, and […]

Human Rights
CCPR 4302/2023

Suspected terrorist in Nigeria

Concerning C.N. (represented by counsel, Tage Goettsche) vs Denmark for violation of article 3 of CAT. The author was persecuted in Nigeria by the Department of Security (DSSS) and by a suspected terrorist, A.U., who thought that the complainant has reported him to the authorities. The DSSS contacted the complainant asking him to come for […]

  • Decision: 1. June 2016
CAT 709/2015

Human trafficking and prostitution

Concerning O.O.A (represented by Jens Rye-Andersen) vs Denmark for violation of articles 2, 3, 6, 7, 13, 14, 18, 26 and 27 of CCPR. The author is of Urhobo ethnicity and professes the Christian faith. In 2009, she met a married couple, Mr. P.B. and Ms. B.O who resided in Denmark. Mr. P.B. hired the […]

  • Decision: 15. September 2015
Human Rights
CCPR 2288/2013