Deportation to Morocco of a single woman and her minor daughter 

The author Z., a national of Morocco, v. Denmark in violation of articles 6,7,14 of the Covenant. Z. was born in a very traditional and conservative family and therefore after having had several sexual relationships in Denmark and becoming pregnant, had a fear to of negative consequences and accusations in her violations of Islamic Moroccan […]

  • Decision: 9 Juni 2023
Human Rights
CCPR 2795/2016

Deportation of the victim of torture from Morocco

A.A.M. entered to Denmark in 2016 and applied for asylum. He had been detained and tortured by the Moroccan authorities, because of A.A.M.’s participation in peaceful demonstrations for the independence of Western Sahara.  The author was tortured (torn out nails and raped) and medical examination did not exclude this. The psychiatric examination showed that the […]

CAT 1068/2021

Minor cannot be held responsible for decisions taken by his parents

Concerning M.E vs Denmark for violation of articles 23 and 24 of CCPR. The author is a Moroccan national born in 1990. The parents of the author divorced before he was born. After the divorce, the author’s father moved to Denmark. The author’s mother obtained custody over him and he lived with his mother’s parents […]

  • Decision: 20. August 2010
Human Rights
CCPR 1554/2007