Use of torture after deportation

The author – M.E., a stateless Palestinian, entered Denmark with his stepmother and two siblings in 1990, when he was seven years old. He was granted asylum in 1993. In 1997, when the applicant was fifteen years old, he returned to Syria for six months and worked as a painter. In Denmark, the applicant married […]

  • Decision: 8 Juli 2014
HUDOC 58363-10

Dane who travelled to restricted area in Syrian Civil War

The author T.M.J., Danish national, stated during a radio interview that he had been on the front line in the village of Tal Saman/Tal Elsamen in the al-Raqqa District in early January 2017 in the Syrian Civil War. The police initiated an investigation. T.M.J. was charged with a breach of the Penal Code and with […]

HUDOC 60785-19

Deportation of Kurdish-Syrian political activist

The author N.A.K., citizen of Syria, v. Denmark in violation of article 3 and article 13 of the Convention against Torture. As a Kurd from Syria, the author subjected to torture by the Syrian authorities for being active in demonstrations in Aleppo in 2004. The author was a member of Kurdish party Yeketi. The Danish […]

CAT 409/2009

Family reunification success

Concerning  A.H.A. et al. vs Denmark for violation of articles 3, 7, 9, 10 and 12 of CRC.  Together with their parents, the authors fled Syria in 2015 and travelled to Denmark. The four youngest authors flew with their mother and grandmother, via Turkey and Greece. The other two authors travelled directly to Denmark with their […]

  • Decision: 20 August 2018
CRC 52/2018

Tailor imprisoned for sewing kurdish clothes

Concerning J.J.I. vs. Denmark for violation of article 3 of CAT The author is kurdish. He is a former owner of a textile and cloth store in Damascus, Syria. He was accused of making original Kurdish folklore clothing, which he denied. He was imprisoned in March 2009 and never saw a judge. He was constantly […]

  • Decision: 29 August 2013
CAT 445/2011

Feared conscript to the military

Concerning J.F.H. vs. Denmark for violation of articles 7 og 23 of CCPR. The author of the case J.F.H., a male applicant from Syria. As a motive for asylum, he had referred to the fact that, upon returning to Syria, he feared summoning as a conscript to the Syrian military or being recruited by the […]

  • Decision: 12 April 2019
Human Rights
CCPR 2672/2015

False information concerning age

The author is from Damascus, Syria. He submits that he fled Syria in March 2015 because of the war, and that he entered Greece in April of the same year as an unaccompanied minor. After running out of funds in Greece, he applied for asylum and was granted refugee status. However, his attempts to get […]

  • Decision: 30. November 2017
Human Rights
CCPR 2770/2016

Fleeing from Syrian civil war

Concerning Mr B.M.I. and Ms. N. A.K. and their two children (represented by counsel, Hannah Krog) vs Denmark for violation of articles 7 of CCPR. B.M.I., N.A.K. and their daughter P. fled from Syria due to the civil war and arrived in Bulgaria. The authors were exposed to “inhuman or degrading treatment contrary to the […]

  • Decision: 16. December 2016
Human Rights
CCPR 2569/2015

“you foreigners have ruined our country”

Concerning X (represented by counsel, Cecilia Vejby Andersen) vs Denmark for violation of Article 7 of CCPR. The author is from Syrian Arab Republic and is of Kurdish ethnicity. In 2007,he was issued a residence permit in Greece. In 2014, the author was assaulted in Athens by men affiliated with the Greek right-wing party Golden […]

  • Decision: 11. May 2015
Human Rights
CCPR 2523/2015

Political Persecution of Kurdish man in Syria

Concerning A. O. vs. Denmark for violation of article 3 of CAT and article 7 of CCPR. The author left Syria as a political prosecutor and has been arrested and subjected to torture by the Syrian authorities due to his Kurdish background. He entered Denmark in 2010. When he applied for asylum in Denmark, he […]

  • Decision: 7. November 2014
CAT 484/2011