Deportation to Nigeria of victim of human trafficking 

The author E.O. v. Denmark in a violation of articles 6,7 of CCPR Convention.

In 2015, the author came to Denmark as a victim of human trafficking, without a valid travel document and submitted the application for the asylum. After having been closed the case several times due to the absence of the authour, and further its renewal, in 2022 Danish Refugee Appeals Board confirmed the decision of Danish Immigration Service on refusal of a residence permit in Denmark and E.O.needed to be deported.

The author was sentenced for violation of Immigration law and temporarily absence of the author in Austria. Since March 2022 the author is staying in the jail.

Arguments against the deportation:

– fears for the own life as well as for the life of children;
– no possibility to get a legal support/protection because of the high risk of corruption in Nigeria.

E.O. is a single mother of 3 children, who are living in Nigeria. E.O. was sent to Europe for money, ultimately defined by human trafficking organizers. E.O. had to go through a ritual and swear an oath that she would pay the money. Otherwise the applicant’s children would die.

E.O. earns her money through prostitution but she still owes 2/3 part of the amount.
Human traffickers threaten to E.O.’s family and assaulted E.O.

Despite the Danish Refugee Board agreed with explanations that E.O. has been trafficked and forced to the prostitution in order to pay off debts, E.O. did not demonstrate subsequently that she will be at risk of persecution or abuse upon return to Nigeria.

The pleading to the CCPR is presented with a request to stop the deportation, since there is a risk for the complainant of persecution from human traffickers upon return to Nigeria, what is in breach of articles 6 and 7 of CCPR.

The pleading is under consideration of the CCPR.

5. January 2024

CCPR 4302/2023
Comm: Human Rights