Feared conscript to the military

Concerning J.F.H. vs. Denmark for violation of articles 7 og 23 of CCPR.

The author of the case J.F.H., a male applicant from Syria.

As a motive for asylum, he had referred to the fact that, upon returning to Syria, he feared summoning as a conscript to the Syrian military or being recruited by the rebel movements. The applicant had a residence permit in Italy. The Refugee Board rejected the application for a residence permit, as the applicant had obtained refugee status and protection in Italy in 2012.

In a statement dated April 12, 2019, The UN Human Rights Committee has rejected the complaint against the Refugee Board’s decision to use Italy as the first asylum country, and also rejected the complaint against the Board’s decision to refuse asylum as inadmissible.

28. June 2023

CCPR 2672/2015
  • Decision: 12 April 2019
  • Comm: Human Rights