Family reunification success

Concerning  A.H.A. et al. vs Denmark for violation of articles 3, 7, 9, 10 and 12 of CRC.

 Together with their parents, the authors fled Syria in 2015 and travelled to Denmark. The four youngest authors flew with their mother and grandmother, via Turkey and Greece. The other two authors travelled directly to Denmark with their father. When all the authors and their parents had arrived in Denmark, they applied for asylum. The Danish Immigration Service decided to reject the application for asylum for the authors’ mother and the four youngest children, given that Greece had granted them refugee status. The authors’ mother appealed the decision of the Danish Immigration Service before the Refugee Appeals Board. Three of the authors were granted family reunification status with their father in Denmark, but the mother and youngest child still remained. In mid-July 2018, the youngest author was granted family reunification status with his father. On 28 September 2019 the case was discontinued, since the author’s mother and all the children has been granted asylum in Denmark.

9. February 2021

CRC 52/2018
  • Decision: 20 August 2018
  • Comm: Child