Asylum for Iraqi woman on motive of gender specific violence 

C.A.A. v. Denmark on violation CEDAW art. 2,12,16 and the principle of Non-Refoulement of women as stated in General Recommendation #32.

C.A.A. came to Denmark on 4, December 2016 and applied for asylum on 5 December 2016. On 5 January 2017, the Danish Immigration Service decided on a request for transfer C.A.A. to Portugal and 10 March 2017 Portugal accepted the request. On 15 May 2017 C.A.A. was registered as absent.

On 2 July 2019 C.A.A. applied for asylum in Denmark again. C.A.A. between 2017 and 2019 stayed in Turkey.

On 24, February, 2020 the Danish Immigration Service refused C.A.A. in asylum (Section 7 Aliens Act). The person had a right to stay in Denmark until the case will be re-assessed by the Refugee Board of Denmark.

Arguments of C.A.A. for asylum seeking:

• being killed by the Iraqi authorities because of refuse by C.A.A. to cooperate in spying people, who critically speaks against Iraqi government.

• honour killing by her brother (R), who attempted to marry his business partner (M) against the will of C.A.A.

Arguments of C.A.A. were not persuasive, as far as C.A.A. has mental diseases and a nervous breakdown and lack of skills in espionage.

Refugee Board decision of 9 October 2020 confirmed the Danish Immigration Service’s decision and ordered to leave Denmark within 7 days.

The petition to the UN Committee for Women about deportation order has been submitted.

On 23 February 2022, the UN CEDAW decided to discontinue the consideration of communication No.163/2020. The author was granted residence permit in Denmark.

28. November 2023

CEDAW 163/2020
  • Decision: 11 Marts 2020
  • Comm: Gender