Trafficking victim

Concerning E.E vs Denmark for violation of CCPR.

The author was married away to a man called M, and was transported to Serbia where M lived. Here she was abused sexually by his family, as well as forced to work from early morning to late evening. Later, the author discovered that M and his family had paid 7000 euros for her. One time she briefly needed to return to Albania, and was in this period escorted by M and M’s cousin. They threatened her with a gun if she didn’t follow back to Serbia.

She was allowed to visit her brother in Albania one time in 2014. Once arrived, she refused to return to Serbia, and furthermore filed for divorce.

Both the Immigration Service and the Danish Refugee Board dismissed her case. The Danish Refugee Council is of the view, that the author has been a victim of trafficking and that this should be taken consideration when processing her case.

Her case is now pending at the Committee.

8. October 2020

CCPR 2858/2016
Comm: Human Rights