Q vs. Denmark- Paranoid psychosis case

Concerning Mr. Q vs. Denmark for violation of articles 26 of CCPR.

The author is an Iraqi citizen who was first granted humanitarian protection and then a residence permit in Denmark. The author had suffered from a severe chronic mental disorder in the form of paranoid psychosis and depression. He was being treated with medication and that there was no prospect of improvement of his condition. In order to attain citizenship, the author provided medical information to get exempted from the language requirement due to his disability.

The Refugee Board did not accept his application and thus a complaint was sent to CCPR. The committee decided that the communication was admissible and that the State party is under an obligation to provide the author with effective remedy, including compensation and a reconsideration of the author’s request for exemption of the language skills requirement through a procedure that takes into consideration the Committee’s findings. The State party is also under an obligation to avoid similar violations in the future.

20. July 2021

CCPR 2001/2010
  • Decision: 19. May 2015
  • Comm: Human Rights