Political debates over headscarf caused a personal insult 

The author F.A., Danish citizen, adheres to the Muslim faith and wears a headscarf for religious reasons.
The author considers that statements of the leader and other members of Danish Peoples Party comparing the use of headscarf with the Nazi swastika, is a personal insult, which creates a hostile environment and discrimination.

According to the decision of the Public Prosecutor General, the author and could not be regarded as an injured person and the counsel, as the author’s representative, could not be considered as a legitimate complainant either.

The author presented complaisance to CCPR v. Denmark in violation of articles 2, 20, paragraph 2, and 27 of the Covenant.

CCPR decided that since the author has failed to demonstrate that she was a victim for purposes of admissibility to articles 20, paragraph 2 and 27 pf the Covenant, the allegation of a violation of article 2 of the Covenant was also inadmissible.

3. July 2023

CCPR 1868/2009
  • Decision: 14. September 2010
  • Comm: Human Rights