Somalian Woman with child

Concerning Ms. S.F.A. vs. Denmark violation of CEDAW.

The following case has been decided. The Committee decided the 26 February 2018 that the communication is inadmissible.

The author is a single woman from Somalia with a child. The author fears getting killed by her family or surrendered to Al-Shabaab, due to the fact that she had a romantic relationship outside marriage. The author gave birth to her son on 28th of February 2013, and came to Denmark later same year. The Refugee Board was asked to consider the need for protection in regard to CEDAW. The Refugee Board rejected the author’s asylum case. They found that she had explained imprecisely and divergently.

This case is complicated, because the fact that the author’s case was explicitly mentioned by the Danish Government, as a communication that they believe, should not have been allowed registration with the United Nations. The author therefore fears different treatment, as it is now difficult for the authorities to reopen the case, as it indirectly shows the statement was wrong. The Refugee Board has already decided to open other similar cases, primarily involving single women from Somalia, for example K.I.A. vs. Denmark, on their own initiative.

22. July 2021

CEDAW 85/2015
  • Decision: 26 February 2018
  • Comm: Gender