Satellite dishes case

Concerning Mr. M.B.S vs Denmark for violation of article 7 and 13 of CCPR.

The following case has been decided. It was found by the Committee that it would not violate the authors rights if deported. See the attached PDF for the full decision or read on to get a description of the case.

The applicant and his friends were arrested in Iran for selling satellite dishes. During the detention, the applicant was subject to torture and to psychological pressure. After his release, the applicant continued selling satellite dishes. One day, the authorities sought him out but he had just been warned and then he managed to escape and flee to Denmark. After his entry into Denmark, the applicant’s family told him he was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment.

Upon his return to Iran, the applicant fears being imprisoned because he had borrowed money (about DKK 74,000) for his journey from some of his friends, and because he was unable to repay the money having spent it all on his journey. The applicant states that he also fears return since he hated Islam even when he was living in Iran. He converted to Christianity upon arrival in Denmark. The Refugee Board found that the applicant had made elaborate and inconsistent statements and therefore refused. The applicant applied for the case to be opened after his Conversion but the Board found that his conversion cannot constitute a ground for asylum. Thus, a complaint was sent to CCPR.

28. June 2023

CCPR 2439/2014
  • Decision: 29 March 2019
  • Comm: Human Rights