Religious persecution of Ahmaddyia case

Concerning A and B vs Denmark for violation of 7, 14 and 18 of CCPR.

The authors are a a Pakistani couple who fled Pakistan due to fear of persecution since the couple belongs to the Ahmadiyya religion. Certain individuals threatened to kill them if they did not leave their country or abandon their faith.

The Refugee Board rejected the application by decision of 19 August 2013 as it found that that it is not likely that the applicants by returning to Pakistan will be in concrete and individual risk of persecution or assault.

A complaint was sent to CCPR who considered that the authors have not identified any irregularity in the decision-making process, or any risk factor that the State party’s authorities failed to take properly into account. Thus the Committee declared that the authors’ removal to Pakistan would not violate their rights under articles 6 (1), 7 or 18 of the Covenant.

20. July 2021

CCPR 2291/2013
  • Decision: 8. August 2016
  • Comm: Human Rights