Fleeing from forced marriage

Concerning A.N.A. vs. Denmark for violation of articles 3, 5 and 16 (b) of CEDAW. The author fled Somalia because she fears persecution and forced marriage by Al-Shabaab. This is because her family refused when an Al-Shabaab member asked to marry the author. Al-Shabaab members then tried to take her away, but she managed to escape and when she later returned home, she discovered that her dad had been murdered. Al-Shabaab returned again and kidnapped her husband. She fled to Denmark and sought asylum in 2014, but her case was rejected owing to credibility issues and inconsistent explanations. The Committee considers that nothing on file demonstrates that the State Party failed in their duties when examining the author’s case, and therefore decides that the communication is inadmissible under article 4 (2) (c) of the Optional Protocol.

28. June 2023

CEDAW 94/2015
  • Decision: 15 July 2019
  • Comm: Gender