Blood feud case 2

Concerning Z.H. and A.H. and their children K.H., M.H. and E.H. vs. Denmark for violation of articles 3, 6, 19, 24 27 and 28 of CRC.

The family left Albania owing to its involvement in a blood feud. The authors note that blood feuds often continue until all male members of a family involved in them have died, and that most of the male members of the family have been murdered and the rest have fled Albania. Both the authors and their children have been assessed by health professionals in Denmark to be vulnerable and affected by depression, anxiety and stress due to these experiences. The State Parties did not find their asylum applications reason enough to grant them residence permit. The Committee considers that the authors have failed to justify the existence of a real, specific and personal risk of irreparable harm to their children’s rights upon return to Albania, and therefore declares it inadmissible.

2. July 2023

CRC 32/2017
  • Decision: 18 September 2019
  • Comm: Child