Refuse in family reunification for Afghan family 

The author A.B.M., Afghan citizen, fears to return to Afghanistan, stating that he fears the Taliban mainly being Pastuh Sunni Muslims. The author and his family had to flee to Pakistan, where the family remained. The author came to Greece, where his application for family reunification has been rejected and the author came to Denmark in 2010. Meanwhile, his family went to Australia as refugees and applied for family reunification from Australia.

The Danish Immigration Service has denied the author’s application for asylum and in 2014, the Refugee Board confirmed this decision. The fact that the author has been baptized as a Christian was not considered reason for asylum.

The author presented communication to the CCPR v.Denmark in violation of articles 6,7 of CCPR. At the same time, the author failed to report in accommodation facilities, provided by Denmark. As a result, the author’s place of residence was registered as unknown.

At its meeting in 2019 the Committee in the light of the fact that the author’s whereabouts were unknown, decided to discontinue the author’s communication.

4. July 2023

CCPR 2472/2014
Comm: Human Rights