Deportation of victim of torture

A.M.A.F. is a stateless person, who came to Denmark from the West Bank (Palestine) in 2012.

A.M.A.F. was born in a politically engaged family where both his grandfather and father co-founded the Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO. A.M.A.F. is an IT engineer, with high education.

A.M.A.F. was politically active from his earliest youth and took part in countless demonstrations. A.M.A.F. has been a part of the leftist democratic union. A.M.A.F. is married to an Israeli woman with Ukrainian roots, and the authorities have threatened him because of this.

Since the age of about 11, A.M.A.F. has been subjected to numerous detentions and interrogations of varying durations, and violence on the part of both Israeli and Palestinian authorities, based on A.M.A.F.’s political activities and attendance at demonstrations, as well as numerous detentions at roadside and border posts. A.M.A.F. became a victim of torture before fleeing (documented by volunteer doctors of Amnesty International) as well as got posttraumatic experiences.

The Danish Refugee Board agreed that the author suffered torture, but he was not in danger of being torture on return.

A.M.A.F. presented the communication to the UN Human Rights Committee v. Denmark on violation of CAT articles 3,14,16, according to which there is an obligation not to deport persons who are in a risk of torture in the country of origin and to provide rehabilitation for victims of torture.

A.M.A.F. was refrained from deportation to any territory governed by either Israeli or Palestinian authorities and released from immigration detention on medical grounds, while the case is under consideration by the CAT Committee.

After the CAT’s letter, the Danish authorities decided to reopen his asylum case and the author finally granted asylum as a victim of torture and started a programme of rehabilitation.

17. July 2023

CAT 1113/2021
Comm: Torture