Deportation of Afghan asylum seeker 

A.R. v. Denmark on violation of articles 6 and 7 of CCPR by deporting the author to Afghanistan.

The author, A.R., an Afghan national born, entered to Denmark in 2015 without valid documents and applied for asylum the same day.

As his grounds for asylum, the author has referred to his fear that the elders of his village will force him to fight against the Kuchi people in case of return to Afghanistan. In addition, the author fears to be recruited by the Taliban. The author also mentioned that he fears the general situation in Afghanistan, including the deterioration of the security situation in Kabul, particularly for Christian converts.

In 2016 the Refugee Appeals Board upheld the decision of the Danish Immigration Service refusing the author’s application for asylum. The fact that the author has been converted to Christianity and can be considered as a threat for author’s life upon author’s return to Afghanistan was not convincing.

The author was detained for the purpose of forced return to Afghanistan. Requests on reopening the case have been rejected and the author was returned to Afghanistan in 2017.

At its meeting on 27 July 2022, the CCPR decided to discontinue the case in the light of lost contact with the author.

2. February 2024

CCPR 2889/2016
Comm: Human Rights