Harassment in Pakistan for the Christian background as an argument for seeking asylum

K.S.M. and T.M. v. Denmark in violation of art. 2, 6, 7, 13, 26 of CCPR Convention.

The authors K.S.M. and T.M. are members of the Christian minority in Pakistan. They fear being killed or tortured on return to Pakistan since they are accused of violation of the Islamic rules in their country.

K.S.M. was a successful businessman and owner (T.M.-co-owner) of a video rental store in a Christian area in Islamabad. Once Islamists attacked the shop, performed vandalism and accused the authors of renting out films insulting Islam.

The provided evidence about a criminal case against T.M. on Blasphemy (Pakistani Criminal Code Section 295) was rejected as unreliable.

After T.M. returning to Pakistan in 2016 voluntarily, as of one of the co-author of the communication, the communication has been discontinued in relation to T.M.

The second co-author – K.S.M. – was not considered as a person under a risk of any persecution in case of his return to Pakistan. K.S.M. needed to be deported.

K.S.M. continued to argue on fears for life and wellbeing of his family. K.S.M. doesn’t agree that the fact that T.M. left Denmark is a proof that he was not in risk of persecution in Pakistan. The situation of T.M. in Pakistan remains dangerous and the fact that he is still alive is not as to say that he is safe.

K.S.M vs. Denmark for violation of article 7 of CCPR on deportation to Pakistan.

The case was discontinued by the CCPR, because contact had been lost with the authours.

4. July 2023

CCPR 2459/2014
Comm: Human Rights