Refugee Quota

Concerning Mr. R.K vs. Denmark for violation of article 3 of CAT.

The author was tortured before fleeing Iran in the 1980’s and he applied for asylum in Greece. He was invited to Denmark on the so-called Refugee Quota and he got a residence permit in 1991 as a Convention Refugee. 

Since 1991, he did not get any assistance and he became addicted to drugs due to constant pain and after effects of torture. He never received Danish citizenship and when his mother (who had lived in Denmark for many years) was about to die, she wanted to go back to Iran. The author was with his mother in Iran in 2009/2010 during the green revolution, and even though he tried to stay out of sight, he was arrested, because he was involved in a demonstration. He managed to leave Iran in 2010 and come back to Denmark, where his other family was staying (his mother was now dead). Consequently, he was told by the Danish authorities that he had lost his residence permit, and when he applied for a new residence permit this was denied, as the authorities found his statements to be implausible and inconsistent.

The Committee decided that the case was inadmissible as they found that the author had not submitted any information about the events that occurred in 1980 and how those events would still put him at a personal risk of torture in Iran today.

20. July 2021

CAT 607/2014
  • Decision: 1. September 2016
  • Comm: Torture