Mistreated in military case

This case concerns an Eritrean man who served in the Eritrean military. In Eritrea the military service is by law set to be 1 ½ years, however after this period he was forced to stay in the army for another 10 years. The applicant attempted to desert, but was arrested and accused of working against the regime. The applicant was mistreated in military detention from 2007-2009. The applicant was kicked and beaten by various people from the military or the police. He has scars on his body as proof of the violence that he was exposed to. Due to the detention, he also suffers from psychological problems.

The Danish Immigration service rejected the applicant’s request for asylum and the Refugee Board upheld that decision. They found that there were a number of inconsistencies between the applicant’s explanation in 2009 and his explanation in 2010-2011. Due to the rejection from the Danish authorities, a complaint was sent to CAT. Before the committee made a decision, the Danish authorities decided to not only reopen the case but also grant the complainant asylum. Thus the case was discontinued at CAT.

9. February 2021

CAT 502/2012
  • Decision: 24. June 2014
  • Comm: Torture