The Iraqi Nationals Party case

Concerning Mr I.A.K. vs Denmark for violation of articles 2, 6, 7, 13, 14 and 26 of CCPR.

The author was born in Baghdad and professes Shia Muslim faith. He was a member of Hizb Al-Umma Al-Iraqiya (the Iraqi Nation Party-INP). Shia Muslims perceive members of the INP as traitors because INP has connections to western countries including Israel. The author was attacked and beaten by 7-8 persons that he could not identify but he believes that they were political opponents. A bomb was also placed in his car but safely deactivated by the police. The author’s father then found a threatening letter with a warning to those who collaborated with Jews, Zionists and Israelis. After that, a bomb exploded in front of the author’s parents’ home destroying it. No one was killed but his mother broke her arm.

After these incidents the author fled to Denmark and applied for asylum. The Refugee Appeals Board refused the author’s application for asylum as they found that his allegations were not coherent and credible. A complaint was sent to CCPR and the committee decided that the case was inadmissible mainly because they are of the opinion that the author failed to substantiate his claim.

20. July 2021

CCPR 2115/2011
  • Decision: 18. November 2016
  • Comm: Human Rights