“General reference to foreigners”

Concerning Mr. K. Q. (represented by the Documentation and Advisory Centre on Racial Discrimination) vs Denmark for violation of articles 2, 4 and 6 of CERD.

Ms. Pia Andersson, a member of the executive board of the Progressive Party, faxed to the media two letters stating inter alia: “No to more Mohammedan rapes! … Cultural enrichments [are] taking place in the shape of negative expressions and rapes against us Danish women, to which we are exposed every day … Now it’s too much, we will not accept more violations from our foreign citizens.”.

In the progressive party’s annual meeting of 2001, several other members made similar statements such as- “I’m glad to be a racist. We want a Mohammedan-free Denmark”; “the Blacks breed like rats”.

The DRC thus filed complaints against each of the party members who contributed with such statements. The DRC claimed that these statements threatened, insulted and degraded a group of people on account of their race, ethnic and religious origin. The Regional Public Prosecutor decided that the the charges against several of the members should be withdrawn on the basis that that further prosecution could not be expected to lead to conviction and sentence. Thus a complaint was sent to CERD.
The Committee notes that, a general reference to “foreigners” does not at present single out a group of persons on the basis of a specific race, ethnicity, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin. The committee is thus of the opinion that the facts before it do not disclose a violation of CERD.

22. July 2021

CERD 33/2003
  • Decision: 10. March 2004
  • Comm: Race