Converted to Christianity Afghan citizen is under deportation

The author E.A. has converted into Christianity during his stay in Denmark, and thus fear being killed or tortured on return to Afghanistan, since this is a violation of the Islamic rules in this country of origin.

E.A. is an afghan citizen, who during his stay in Denmark as an asylum seeker converted from being a Muslim into Christianity. In 2013 the Danish Refugee Appeals Board rejected the author’s application for asylum, confirming the decision from 27, May 2010.

E.A. sent a communication to the CCPR v. Denmark for violation of articles 6,7 of the Convention.

The case was discontinued since the Danish Refugee Board reopened the case and asked for the suspension of the Communication by letter dated 6 November 2012. The author received the residence permit and is no longer at risk of deportation.

3. July 2023

CCPR 2320/2013
  • Decision: 30. December 2015
  • Comm: Human Rights