Chechen woman raped by Russian soldiers

Concerning M.K.M. vs. Denmark for violation of article 2 (d)-(f), 5 (a) and 16 (1) (d) of CEDAW.

The author has several times faced problems with the rebels and the authorities in Chechnya. The first time was when she was living with her first husband. in 2005 the author’s husband and his father were arrested and allegedly tortured by the authorities for three days. The rebels came again some six weeks later, asking for food and taking all items belonging to the author’s husband. In 2006, after the rebels’ second visit, the Chechen authorities started to summon her for interrogations every six weeks. They asked her to provide them with information about the rebels, and in 2010, she was captured and interrogated by the authorities about the rebels. They tortured her by tying her hands and legs and raping her one by one and then released her. After a month, she felt nauseous and, suspecting that she was pregnant, she took abortion pills.

Six weeks later, the author was again summoned and interrogated. As she refused to reveal any information, she was again tied up and raped. She cried and told them she would cooperate. They continued calling her every six weeks and she either invented information or gave information about the rebels’ visits. In April 2013, the author remarried, and the authorities did not summon or visit her again until September, when officials appeared at her house asking for her husband. He was arrested and detained for several days and tortured, forcing him to cooperate with the authorities. Thereafter, the author, who was pregnant, fled the country.

She sought asylum in Denmark and her request was rejected, as the asylum authorities found inconsistent the author ’s divergent statements. The Committee is of the view that the author has failed to substantiate her claims sufficiently, and therefore decides that the communication is inadmissible under article 4 (2) (c) of the Optional Protocol

22. July 2021

CEDAW 81/2015
  • Decision: 29 October 2018
  • Comm: Gender