Abusive Danish Father

Concerning O. V. J. vs Denmark for violation of articles 1, 2, 5 and 16 of CEDAW.

The author married a Danish national. Shortly after, their daughter was born, he changed his attitude towards her and became abusive towards her and their daughter. He allegedly isolated the author and forbade her from visiting her family and friends. He also reportedly demonstrated violent behaviour towards their daughter, turning her upside down and shaking her to make the author afraid.

The author was granted a divorce from her husband but the Court also assigned sole custody of the daughter to the father. The author appealed against that decision but the High Court of Western Denmark decided that based on the child welfare report and the parties’ statements, it was in the child’s best interest to assign sole custody to the father. The author contends that the State party has failed to provide effective measures of protection for her and her daughter against her ex-husband. Thus a complaint was sent to CEDAW.

The committee notes that the author has provided no information and explanations in support of her claims. In addition, the Committee notes that it does not examine allegations or claims of a general nature such as those expressed by the author. Thus, the committee considers this communication to be inadmissible.

22. July 2021

CEDAW 50/2013
  • Decision: 23. July 2015
  • Comm: Gender