Deportation of Somalian woman – B.S. v. Denmark in violation of art.2 CEDAW Convention 

The Danish Refugee Council supported the decision of the Danish Immigration Service on refusal of the residence permit to B.S. Thus, B.S. needed to leave Denmark or to be deported by force, despite the risk of gender-based persecution upon her return to Somalia.

B.S. comes from the area, which is controlled by Al-Shabaab terrorist organization in Somalia and she feels a threat from one of the Al-Shabaab member, whom she refused to marry due to early age. As a result of refuse, the only male family member of B.S. has been killed.

In case of return of B.S. to Somalia, B.S. remains under risk being forcibly married to an al-Shabaab member and raped as well as without a possibility to get an education. B.S. does not have any network or family in Somalia.

B.S. has family members in Denmark, applicable to which the UN Children’s Committee’s decision # 96/2019 has been adopted (the Committee has found that the removal of minors to Somalia would constitute a violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child). Taking this into consideration, the Refugee Appeal Board has decided to reopen the case, but found B.S. explanations as general, imprecise and divergent with B.S.’ family member.

The pleading to CEDAW on violation of art.2 of the Convention has been presented in March 2023.

28. June 2023

Comm: Gender