Homophobia case

Concerning A. S. vs. Denmark – Violation of CEDAW: Denmark was filed an initial complaint against a deportation order dated December 5, 2014 set by the Danish Refugee Board and also asked for urgent measures where the client was set to an immediately forced deportation to her country of origin, Uganda. Entering Denmark on July […]

CEDAW 80/2015

Father wanted daughter circumcised

Concerning Ms. M.N.N vs Denmark for violations of articles 1, 2 (c), 2 (d) and 3 of CEDAW. The author’s father left her mother when the latter was pregnant and the author lived with her mother in Natete until the age of 9 years. Since then the father kept finding the author’s whereabouts and tried […]

  • Decision: 15. August 2013
CEDAW 33/2011

Right to family life

Concerning J.R.B (represented by counsel, Mr. Tyge Trier) vs Denmark for violation of articles The author served as an officer in the Ugandan army during the rule of Idi Amin. The author had been detained and tortured which made him flee to Denmark where he was granted asylum and then issues a permanent residence permit. […]

  • Decision: 9. December 2004
Human Rights