False information concerning age

The author is from Damascus, Syria. He submits that he fled Syria in March 2015 because of the war, and that he entered Greece in April of the same year as an unaccompanied minor. After running out of funds in Greece, he applied for asylum and was granted refugee status. However, his attempts to get […]

  • Decision: 30. November 2017
Human Rights

Fleeing from Syrian civil war

Concerning Mr B.M.I. and Ms. N. A.K. and their two children (represented by counsel, Hannah Krog) vs Denmark for violation of articles 7 of CCPR. B.M.I., N.A.K. and their daughter P. fled from Syria due to the civil war and arrived in Bulgaria. The authors were exposed to “inhuman or degrading treatment contrary to the […]

  • Decision: 16. December 2016
Human Rights
CCPR 2569/2015

“you foreigners have ruined our country”

Concerning X (represented by counsel, Cecilia Vejby Andersen) vs Denmark for violation of Article 7 of CCPR. The author is from Syrian Arab Republic and is of Kurdish ethnicity. In 2007,he was issued a residence permit in Greece. In 2014, the author was assaulted in Athens by men affiliated with the Greek right-wing party Golden […]

  • Decision: 11. May 2015
Human Rights
CCPR 2523/2015

Political Persecution of Kurdish man in Syria

Concerning A. O. vs. Denmark – violations of art 3 of CAT and art. 7 of CCPR: Denmark was filed an initial complaint against a deportation order, dated October the 20, 2011, set by the Danish Refugee Board, and the author risks to be forced deportation to his country of origin Syria, as from October […]

  • Decision: 7. November 2014
CAT 484/2011