Against military dictatorship case

Concerning A.A vs Denmark for violation of articles 6 and 7 of CCPR. The author is an Egyptian national born on 24 March 1988. He entered Denmark on 6 December 2013 without valid travel documents. The author has submitted that he evaded military service in Egypt because he does not want to kill civilians and […]

Human Rights
CCPR 2595/2015

Ultras Ahlawy club case

The author is an Egyptian national, born in 1984. On 15 October 2012, the author went to Denmark to visit his half-brother (the son of his father) on a valid tourist visa. On 7 January 2013, in light of the political turmoil in December 2012 in Egypt, and on the advice of his half-brother, he […]

  • Decision: 24. September 2015
Human Rights
CCPR 2343/2014