Abusive Danish Father

Concerning O. V. J. vs Denmark for violation of articles 1, 2, 5 and 16 of CEDAW. The author married a Danish national. Shortly after, their daughter was born, he changed his attitude towards her and became abusive towards her and their daughter. He allegedly isolated the author and forbade her from visiting her family […]

  • Decision: 23. July 2015
CEDAW 50/2013

Psychological torture by virtue of detention in solitary confinement

Concerning Ms. Helle Jensen (represented by counsel, Mr. Tyge Trier and Mr. Brent Sørensen) vs Denmark for violation of articles 1,12 and 16 of CAT. The author was arrested in her home in North Western Zealand and charged with smuggling cigarettes. The Court ordered the author’s detention and solitary confinement. The solitary confinement period was […]

  • Decision: 24. May 2004
CAT 225/2003