Racial discrimination in a Danish job centre

Concerning S.A. Vs. Denmark in violation of article 2 (1) (c), 5 and 6 of CERD. S.A., originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, acquired Danish citizenship in 2002 and currently resides in Denmark. In July 2009, he moved to Aalborg. The author experienced racial discrimination when he applied for social assistance and was denied income support […]

  • Decision: 13 December 2018
CERD 58/2016

Racist comments about Islam

Concerning Mr. A.N vs Denmark for the violation of articles 2, 20 (2) and 27 of CCPR. In September 2005, a Member of Parliament for the Danish People’s Party, Louise Frevert, published on her website a set of articles in which she accused Muslims of believing that that they have a right “to rape Danish […]

  • Decision: 11. August 2016
Human Rights
CCPR 2039/2011

Abusive Danish Father

Concerning O. V. J. vs Denmark for violation of articles 1, 2, 5 and 16 of CEDAW. The author married a Danish national. Shortly after, their daughter was born, he changed his attitude towards her and became abusive towards her and their daughter. He allegedly isolated the author and forbade her from visiting her family […]

  • Decision: 23. July 2015
CEDAW 50/2013

“race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin”

Concerning P. S. N. (represented by counsel, the Documentation and Advisory Centre on Racial Discrimination) vs Denmark for violation of articles 2, 4 and 6 of CERD. Ms. Louise Frevert, a Member of Parliament for the Danish People’s Party, published statements against immigration and Muslims on her website. She also published similar statements in a […]

  • Decision: 8. August 2007
CERD 36/2006

Psychological torture by virtue of detention in solitary confinement

Concerning Ms. Helle Jensen (represented by counsel, Mr. Tyge Trier and Mr. Brent Sørensen) vs Denmark for violation of articles 1,12 and 16 of CAT. The author was arrested in her home in North Western Zealand and charged with smuggling cigarettes. The Court ordered the author’s detention and solitary confinement. The solitary confinement period was […]

  • Decision: 24. May 2004
CAT 225/2003

Second hand car for DKr 500

The author of the communication  is a Danish citizen residing in Denmark. He states that on 1 November 1970 he contracted to buy an eleven-year-old car for DKr 500. He subsequently sought to invalidate the purchase and applied for leave to file a civil suit flee of costs. His application was refused by the district […]

  • Decision: 26. March 1980
Human Rights
CCPR 60/1979